Suraj-Chakor set out for their big task in Udaan


Suraj and Chakor got to know Ragini has bought the doctor and made him lie about Vivaan’s impotency. Suraj realizes Vivaan is completely fine and all problems will get solved when Vivaan knows this. He asks Chakor to think of Vivaan’s happiness on knowing the truth. They both know Vivaan will happily accept Imli and his child. They don’t want to spare Ragini. Suraj and Chakor come to the haveli to meet Vivaan and Imli. It was Ragini’s plan to deceive Vivaan and break him within, to use him for her business work. Chakor wants to apologize to Imli. She feels guilty to give divorce to Suraj.

Suraj wants to tell Vivaan the entire truth that Imli is carrying Vivaan’s child. He wants them to get together, and gets things fine. Chakor worries on not finding Imli and Vivaan in the haveli. Chakor says Imli is not here, I want to hug her, where is she, maybe she does not want to meet me, she maybe playing hide and seek to trouble me. Suraj asks her not to worry, Imli will be glad that all the misunderstanding got cleared. He says we will meet Vivaan first. He encourages Chakor. He is sure that Imli will forgive Vivaan as she knows Vivaan loves her.


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