Amol attempts to kill Neil in Naamkarann


Dayavanti plans to get Avni burnt inside the wooden sticks. She makes Diksha hurry up and come out of the pandal. Avni gets helpless. Dayavanti tells Avni that Amol will be becoming a devil today and he will be killing Neil in front of her eyes. Avni rages in anger knowing Dayavanti’s bad intentions. Dayavanti tries to manipulate Amol. She sees Neil and police finding Avni. She asks Diksha to help her. She sees Amol coming their way and injures herself. She lies to Amol about Ananya trying to kill her. She shows her wounds to Amol and asks him to save her. She says Neil is a policeman, and wants to kill me for Ananya’s sake. Avni recalls how helpless she was to break Neil’s promise. Amol asks Dayavanti to tell him what he should do.

Dayavanti rages him to kill Neil. Amol gets revengeful against Avni and Neil. He asks her not to worry, he is always with her. Avni witnesses Amol heading to attack Neil. She wishes Amol sees Dayavanti’s truth. Neil reaches close to Avni. He fails to see Avni. Amol attempts to kill Neil, but fails. Neela reaches the pandal to find Avni. Neela confronts Dayavanti for killing Ashish. She threatens Dayavanti. They get into a heated argument.

Dayavanti asks Neela to worry for Avni. Neela calls her a Daayan for killing her son. Dayavanti asks Neela to see how Avni and Neil die today. Neela painfully sheds tears and prays for Avni’s life. Neela performs tandav to make her prayers reach Kaali Maa. Ali feels responsible for Avni’s state. He breaks down failing to find Avni. Amol attempts to kill Neil again. Ali gets injured by Amol. Neil tries to find who has attacked Ali. Ali and Neil find clues about Avni. Dayavanti goes to light fire to Avni.


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