Neil and Avni to file divorce in Naamkarann


Avni visits Ashish’s grave and gets emotional. She returns home and sees Neil much worried. Neil and Avni are getting away, when they have love in heart. Neil has punished Dayavanti and put her in jail. Their motives got fulfilled. Neil congratulates her for winning finally. Neil and Avni decide to take divorce. Neil realizes his love for her. He vents out his anger on the room, by breaking everything. Avni gets her sorrow via her tears. Avni has to get away from Neil, as they decided before.

Avni picks all the things and cleans the room. Neil says it’s actually good now, I can live my life my way, and can move on. He asks her to leave from the house and move on in life. He does not want to accept that he is in love with Avni. Neil feels helpless that Maddy Bua is stuck in some problem. He sees Avni leaving and feels sorry to not be able to stop her. They have emotions in heart, but able to express it. Neil acts happy in front of her.


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