A short leap and closure for Pardes

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Khurana threatens to kill Naina, if he does not get his son. He asks Naina to give him his child. The security catches Khurana and stop his madness. Naina and Dadi take care of the baby. Sudha plans to give a farewell gift to Naina. Sudha calls Harjeet and informs her that they all are leaving from the house. She asks Harjeet to come and meet for the final time. Harjeet thinks to take revenge from Khurana and Naina.

Naina and Dadi prepare to leave from the house. Khurana stops Naina and asks her to handover Ahaan to him. Harjeet comes there to take revenge from Naina. Khurana tries to stop Harjeet. Harjeet plans to kill all of them. Khurana gets a shock seeing Harjeet’s evil side. Khurana begs her not to do anything to his son. Khurana gets shot by Harjeet. Police comes and arrests Harjeet. Khurana asks Naina to take care of Ahaan, as he is leaving from the world forever. Naina forgives Khurana for Raghav’s accident. Khurana believes his son can’t get a better mum than Naina. Khurana tells Naina that he really loved her, and does not regret anything. Khurana breathes his last.

Dadi misses Raghav in this phase of life. Dadi tells Naina that Naina’s ethics were above everything else, and made Raghav marry Naina. They have good memories of Raghav and look ahead to raise Ahaan together. The show takes a seven-year leap. Naina lives in Raghav’s memories. She has Raghav in her heart forever. Pardes gets an end with Naina’s strong ideals being her support.






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