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Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Dil Boley Oberoi: Omkara cares for Gauri. He worries for her a lot, believing she is pregnant. Gauri feels cold. Omkara goes to cover her with the blanket. She holds his hand and sleeps. She looks too innocent. Omkara does not disturb her sleep and sits by her side. Omkara and Gauri have a moment. She does not leave his hand. Gauri fails Buamaa’s plan. Gauri makes Omkara stay around. She wants him to be safe. Omkara has concern for the child. Omkara develops a soft corner for Gauri. Gauri ties the bandage to her injured foot. Omkara sees her and does the aid with love. Gauri keeps feeling guilty to fool Omkara by the fake pregnancy. She realizes Omkara was always true to her, but she could not prove her truth to him.


Everyone is confused as Sita becomes Sia in a jiffy to fool Ricky. Urmila and Jaggi have to end Ricky’s doubt. They have to show Ricky that Sia and Sita are different. They use a mannequin to fool Ricky. Sameera and Pinku come with the lawyer and talks to Modis. Sameera tells them that Gopi and Kokila will not get freed. She did not lose. She has made Ricky disappear. She tells the family that Ricky is selfish and went back to Singapore, he is not answering the calls, he does not care for Gopi and Kokila’s case.


Anika has come back to Oberoi mansion. Shivay gets much angry hearing Anika flirting with someone. She always used to be silent. She has become bold now. She is trying everything possible to get Shivay back. She asks Rudra to give her the car, as she has to meet someone special. Rudra says you always go on scooty. She says I have to make an impression on someone special, I want the car. Rudra and Shivay ask her to take the car.


Avni visits Ashish’s grave and gets emotional. She returns home and sees Neil much worried. Neil and Avni are getting away, when they have love in heart. Neil has punished Dayavanti and put her in jail. Their motives got fulfilled. Neil congratulates her for winning finally. Neil and Avni decide to take divorce. Neil realizes his love for her. He vents out his anger on the room, by breaking everything. Avni gets her sorrow via her tears. Avni has to get away from Neil, as they decided before.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita gets drunk and creates a scene at the hotel, demanding the manager to get Raman from anywhere. Ishita’s mum and Mrs. Bhalla are drunk as well, and support Ishita to find Raman. Ishita lands in the police station along with the elderly duo. Raman reaches the police station, knowing Ishita is brought up there. He asks the inspector about Ishita Bhalla. He finds the police station messed up, like a storm has just passed. He sees the police staff troubled by the three strong women, Mrs. Bhalla, Mrs. Iyer and Ishita. He asks Mrs. Iyer what’s happening there. He finds all of them drunk and gone crazy.

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