TGI Friday’s Spoilers


Swabhimaan: Karan is getting fine day by day. Nandkishore is angry and finds a chance to point out some flaw. Karan is getting confident. He greets everyone. Nandkishore asks Dada ji to ask Meghna and Naina how can they question on him, they do not know a father’s blessings value and how to respect a father, as they don’t have their father with them. Meghna and Naina get a shock. Dada ji asks Nandkishore to stop it. Kunal supports Karan. He gives his car to Karan. He tells Nandkishore that he has given the car to Karan as he is starting a new chapter in his life. Meghna and Naina respect Kunal.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Dadi gets speechless when people ask Dadi who will marry Kirti now, what will happen of her future. Dadi decides to get Kirti married soon. Kirti tells Dadi that she does not want to marry. Dadi says she knows what’s better for Kirti. Naira asks Dadi to give some time to Kirti. Dadi asks Naira to say if Kirti will live her life along, if Naira thinks well for Kirti. Dadi wants to end Kirti’s loneliness. Naira supports Kirti.

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Devanshi practices self-defense techniques. Vardaan sees her. She says I m bored practicing alone and asks him to fight with her. She taunts Vardaan. She makes a plan to expose Kusum Sundari. She asks Vardaan about the mark on his face. He tells her about the wound, which he got saved by Devanshi. She asks him if he loves Devanshi. Vardaan does not reply to her. She wants to make Vardaan realize his mistake and also believe Devanshi’s love was true.


Vivaan learns Ragini’s evil planning, how she made the doctor lie and proved him impotent. Ragini’s truth has come out. Vivaan gets mad in anger, and realizes Imli has always been telling him the truth. He rages in anger. He is angry on himself for not believing Imli. He got to know Imli’s pregnancy truth. He goes and meets Ragini. He slaps Ragini and shoots at her. Ragini screams, asking him to hear her once. Vivaan asks her not to say anything to fool him. He does not want to kill her so soon, and threatens to injure him. He makes a plan to make her pay for her deeds. She asks him to let her leave and not take her life. Her crime pots got filled. Vivaan says you can’t fool me saying this was done for my good. Ragini has ruined everyone’s happiness by a single plan.


Chandrakanta was worried for Virendra. She was shedding tears because of Kroor Singh’s manipulations. She heard Virendra fell in big problem and cries for him. Virendra comes there to solve the problems. Chandrakanta gets too happy seeing Virendra. She is relieved seeing him fine. They have a hug. Virendra has faced many problems. He tells her that he has met many storms on the way and told the storms to give him a way as he has to meet his love Chandrakanta, then the storms changed their way to let me cross my journey. Chandrakanta smiles hearing his sweet words.


Arjun cries for Vandana’s death. He swears on Vandana to take revenge from Maya. Arjun goes to kill Maya. Maya’s death twist will be seen. Arjun gets arrested for Maya’s murder. Maya’s murder twist will come as a shock for everyone. Arjun gets punished, while Maya survives. Arjun will be living in jail. Maya will be seen in a new avatar, with another leap coming.


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