Vivaan and Imli to reconcile in Udaan


Vivaan learns Ragini’s evil planning, how she made the doctor lie and proved him impotent. Ragini’s truth has come out. Vivaan gets mad in anger, and realizes Imli has always been telling him the truth. He rages in anger. He is angry on himself for not believing Imli. He got to know Imli’s pregnancy truth. He goes and meets Ragini. He slaps Ragini and shoots at her. Ragini screams, asking him to hear her once. Vivaan asks her not to say anything to fool him. He does not want to kill her so soon, and threatens to injure him. He makes a plan to make her pay for her deeds. She asks him to let her leave and not take her life. Her crime pots got filled. Vivaan says you can’t fool me saying this was done for my good. Ragini has ruined everyone’s happiness by a single plan.

Vivaan ties her to the chair, and pours petrol on her, saying he will burn her alive. Vivaan has become such devilish because of Ragini’s lie. Vivaan knows its his child and his happiness was away from him, because of Ragini. He tells Ragini that Imli has faced so much humiliation. Ragini pushes away Vivaan and runs from there. Vivaan shouts to Ragini that he will not leave her. Vivaan gets on his knees and apologizes to Imli and his child. Imli forgives Vivaan and sheds tears, hugging him. Vivaan wants to make it up for all their lost happiness.


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