Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Fun restored in IshRa’s life


Ishita gets drunk and creates a scene at the hotel, demanding the manager to get Raman from anywhere. Ishita’s mum and Mrs. Bhalla are drunk as well, and support Ishita to find Raman. Ishita lands in the police station along with the elderly duo. Raman reaches the police station, knowing Ishita is brought up there. He asks the inspector about Ishita Bhalla. He finds the police station messed up, like a storm has just passed. He sees the police staff troubled by the three strong women, Mrs. Bhalla, Mrs. Iyer and Ishita. He asks Mrs. Iyer what’s happening there. He finds all of them drunk and gone crazy. He asks about Ishita.

Mrs. Iyer tells Ishita that Raman has come, while Mrs. Bhalla sings and dances in the police station. Raman finds Ishita sitting on the ceiling fan. He asks her to come down. Ishita says you have finally come. Ishita sings and asks Raman to come. Inspector asks Raman is this his family, he should better take Sanyas than staying with such crazy women. Raman asks inspector to give him address of any vacant cave if he has. Raman is seen at his best humor, while Ishita is seen in a lighter unseen side. Ishita asks Raman to become Sanyasi, and she will become his Sanyasan. He asks his Madrasan to come down. How will Raman manage this new storm? Keep reading.


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