Avni to save Neil’s family in Naamkarann


DD tells Neil that someone came to meet them. Neil’s family gets surprised seeing Maddy Bua and her daughter Kareena. Avni has won Bebe’s heart once again. Bebe and everyone praise Avni. Avni has saved Maddy Bua and got her home. Maddy tells Bebe that Avni came as an angel and saved her. Neil is happy that Avni has done the work which he could not. He tried to tackle the situation. Avni has impressed Neil by doing such a big thing. Bebe gets tensed seeing Maddy hurt. She faints by stress.

Prakash feels upset as well. Avni explains Prakash to value each moment in life and fill happiness, its in their hands to see things in a positive and negative way. Prakash thanks her. Neil smiles seeing Avni pacifying her dad. Avni says Prakash is one of the world’s best dads. She cheers up Prakash. Avni takes care of Maddy and also Bebe. Later, Kareena gets caught inside a room. She has fear of darkness. Shweta and Avni ask Neil to save Kareena. Avni asks Kareena to take a deep breath and count. She asks her to calm down and open the door. Kareena opens the door by solving the problem herself. Avni hugs her. Avni thanks Neil for his self defense tips.


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