Bebe gets suspicious about Ali-Avni in Naamkarann


Bebe has kept a party for Avni. Avni gets surprised seeing the special arrangements. Her inlaws have given a birthday surprise to her, and invited even her dear ones. Neela, Nanno and Ali become part of the celebrations. Avni does the cake cutting and feeds cake to everyone with love. Bebe and Neela bless Avni. Neil gives a lovely speech to his wife. He tells everyone that Avni came in his life as a storm. He wishes her happy birthday. He says she is not just my friend, but my wife too. Avni looks upset. Neil asks her why is she feeling low.

Bebe gets Avni and Ali’s photos and gets angry. Riya has sent the photos to Shweta. Bebe asks Avni why is she hugging Ali, is this friendship or something else. She asks Avni about the photos. Bebe and Shweta confront Avni and throw the photos on her face. Avni says it’s not like they are thinking, it’s a lie. Bebe asks Avni to answer what’s the truth. Neil says Avni will not answer anything, why always a woman is questioned, I believe Avni and I know she is true. Avni leaves from the party. Neil asks Bebe not to get wrong things in mind about his wife. Neil takes a stand for Avni.


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