Dil Se Dil Tak and Swabhimaan – Meghna goes missing


Parth and Shorvori have a romantic dance in the party. They have gone to the resort to catch up with their friends. They meet Meghna and Kunal there. It’s a Maha sangam episode. Teni also accompanies them. Parth sings and expresses his love for Shorvori. Meghna and Kunal also romance. The couple’s love gets much evident. Teni also loves Parth and has become his Mastani. A waiter follows Meghna and Kunal. Teni alerts Meghna and Kunal that there is some enemy in the party, someone was saying on the call that they will kill Meghna and Kunal.

Parth and Kunal laugh. Teni says I m not joking. Teni asks Kunal to protect Meghna. Aman gets a call from someone repeatedly. Aman leaves from the party. Teni tells them that the waiter was talking to someone else, it’s really serious. Meghna goes missing. Kunal looks for Meghna. Parth and Shorvori give a sorry card to Teni and apologize to her for not taking her to resort. Teni happily forgives them. Parth says we all will leave for Chittorgarh soon. Sandhya wants to stop Meghna from reaching the Chittorgarh secret.


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