High Five Spoilers

Ishqbaaz Internet Wala Love

Swabhimaan: Karan got a chance to work and prove himself to his dad. He keeps Nirmala’s photo in his cabin. Nandkishore sees Nirmala’s photo and asks what’s all this, will you put a weak woman’s photo in this office, you know many big people will come here for meetings, what will they say seeing this. Karan makes him quiet and gives his file. Nandkishore sees the other file and throws the papers. He asks Karan is he making this a joke. Karan gets puzzled checking the papers. Sandhya has changed the file to fail Karan’s motives.


Sameera and Pinku stop Ricky’s car by putting a big boulder on the way. Ricky gets down the car to move the boulder. They ignite the car and attempt to kill Ricky. Ricky has evidence against Sameera. Sita witnesses Ricky’s car burning. Sita tries to save Ricky. Gopi has reached ICU, while Ricky met with an accident. Kokila cries in the lockup. Bhavani gives sweets to the warden. She offers the sweets to even Kokila.


Bebe has kept a party for Avni. Avni gets surprised seeing the special arrangements. Her inlaws have given a birthday surprise to her, and invited even her dear ones. Neela, Nanno and Ali become part of the celebrations. Avni does the cake cutting and feeds cake to everyone with love. Bebe and Neela bless Avni. Neil gives a lovely speech to his wife. He tells everyone that Avni came in his life as a storm. He wishes her happy birthday. He says she is not just my friend, but my wife too. Avni looks upset. Neil tries to cheer her up.


Ragini’s evil plan got exposed. Vivaan, Imli, Chakor and Suraj surround Ragini. Imli has faced a lot of sorrow because of Ragini. Ragini has burnt Suraj and Chakor’s relation and made Imli away from Vivaan. She brought much sorrow in their lives. Ragini threatens them to leave. Vivaan wants to kill Ragini, but he stops himself. Imli gets the Chandi’s avatar and gets Mata’s trishul to stab Ragini. She screams and runs to kill her.

Jaat Ki Jugni:

Munni gets afraid and sheds tears. Bittu meets her and pacifies her fears. Bau ji has played the game by using the kundli thing. Bittu asks Munni not to worry for his life. Bau ji tells them that they got married, but Bittu has a life risk. Bau ji is doing this to separate Munni and Bittu. Bittu says I have come and will manage everything. Munni takes a decision to get away from Bittu. She tells him that their marriage decision is wrong, the pandit told everything true about my life, he said about the kundli dosh, I don’t believe all this, but I can’t risk your life.

Rangeela scolds the Sarpanch. He gives a lecture and tries to open their eyes. Sarpanch gets afraid of Rangeela. Rangeela asks him why did he kill an innocent girl on name of customs, I will do the same with you and kill you by taking the customs advantage. He is encouraging people to take a stand. He wants to unite women to stand against Veer. He will not sit quiet. He is trying to influence people and get their support. He knows he can’t win alone, but wants everyone to fight for justice.


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