Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3 begins with a new story, new characters….


Advay Singh Raizada and Chandni’s love story begins with hatred in the city of Allahabad. Advay holds her responsible for his parents’ death. 16 years back, Advay’s parents were brutally killed by the temple authorities, who are actually Chandni’s family. Chandni was at fault to name them for some crime, which got them death. Advay returns to seek revenge from Chandni, unknown to the fact that she is also a victim of a dark trauma. Chandni has been grounded at home since a year, all by her self-will and fears. Chandni does not want to face the world. She was kidnapped by a mad guy, who just aimed to defame her by keeping her away from her house. The society believes Chandni is not pure after gone missing for some days.

Chandni deals with all the defamation with courage, but still has the traumatic experience in mind, that gets her morale down. Chandni cares for her dad who suffers from memory loss. Her relatives are scheming to get hands on Mahadev’s treasure, hidden behind a spiritual door, guarded by Mahadev’s snakes. They discuss that the door opens just once in 16 years, and Chandni is the key for it. They all manipulate Chandni to make her come out of the house and do the Maha aarti to please Mahadev. Chandni tries to wave off her fears. She misses her childhood friend Dev, who was her sole inspiration. Advay makes an entry in grand style. He becomes an eye turner, after saving Mahadev’s idol from falling down as a super hero. Advay decides to stay back for Maha aarti and meet Chandni to settle scores.

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