Kokila breaks down by misfortune in Saathiya

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Sameera and Pinku stop Ricky’s car by putting a big boulder on the way. Ricky gets down the car to move the boulder. They ignite the car and attempt to kill Ricky. Ricky has evidence against Sameera. Sita witnesses Ricky’s car burning. Sita tries to save Ricky. Gopi has reached ICU, while Ricky met with an accident. Kokila cries in the lockup. Bhavani gives sweets to the warden. She offers the sweets to even Kokila.

She taunts Kokila for her doings. Bhavani is happy that Ricky died and even Gopi is critical. She makes plans to trouble Kokila. Kokila asks Lord to make Gopi recover soon. Kokila can’t believe the two shocking news. Bhavani gets fun seeing her cry. Bhavani says Gopi is in ICU, it means she has very less time. Bhavani got informed by her aide. Kokila has broken knowing about Ricky’s death. Kokila has always faced the problems with much courage. She is very sorrowful. She asks Lord to give them hope and end all problems.

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