Ricky gets indebted to Sia in Saathiya

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Sita comes to hospital to meet Gopi, who is serious. Sita gets Ricky along. Sita as Sia has affected Ricky much, and changed his thinking. Ricky is repenting for his mistake. He realizes his mum has slipped in trauma because of him. Ricky is alive. Sita has hidden him from Sameera. She got him to the hospital to make Gopi know that he is alive. Sita has saved his life. Ricky says I just want to tell mum that I m fine and alive, so that she gets fine soon.

He promises Gopi that he will make Sameera and Pinku land behind bars, its their time to cry now, mum will not go anywhere leaving me. He will take Sita’s help and make the culprits arrested. Ricky apologizes to Gopi. He says I took time to realize how much you love me, you were always with me, but I have always hurt you, I m sorry. Sita has shown Sameera’s truth to Ricky. Ricky thanks Sia for saving his life. Ricky says I have been so stupid to come in Sameera’s words and go against my own family, you have opened my eyes and made me see the truth. Ricky and Sia have a moment.






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