Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka:
Anjali is using her smartness to create hurdles for Sanjana. She asks Sameer is he doing any important work. Sameer says I was checking mails, I m actually waiting for Sanjana, we are going on a date. Anjali tells Sameer that its his first date and he should plan it well. She tricks him acting to help him. She makes some fake documents and changes his files. She wants to break Sameer and Sanjana’s alliance. Anjali fails in her plans.


Harman and Soumya celebrated his birthday well. Soumya asks Harman why is his refusing to tell truth to the world if he has no problem with her identity. She is fighting with him for her identity. She asks him to give her rights. She says we got a chance to bring my truth out. Harman says your identity is that you are my wife. He does not want to tell anything about her. She wants Harman to get her truth out. He asks why do you need an identity. She says I want to live free, I will get freedom from fake questions and fears, I will be called your wife with my identity, then I don’t get scared of even death. He says things have changed now. She asks what changed now, did I do any mistake, you would be hating me now, you would be ashamed that your wife is a kinner.


Devanshi points the pistol at Kusum Sundari. She keeps an apple on Kusum Sundari’s head and practices shooting. She asks Kusum Sundari not to move. Kusum Sundari says I will die if you miss aim, don’t do this. Devanshi asks why, you have trapped me in fire, could I not die by your move. She makes Kusum Sundari scared and takes her to the well. She blindfolds Kusum Sundari and asks her to get over the well. Kusum Sundari fears to fall inside the well and shouts for help. Devanshi gets her down. She hands over the house keys to Nutan. She isolates Kusum Sundari so that no one comes to help her.


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