Devanshi and Kusum Sundari’s face off next

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Devanshi points the pistol at Kusum Sundari. She keeps an apple on Kusum Sundari’s head and practices shooting. She asks Kusum Sundari not to move. Kusum Sundari says I will die if you miss aim, don’t do this. Devanshi asks why, you have trapped me in fire, could I not die by your move. She makes Kusum Sundari scared and takes her to the well. She blindfolds Kusum Sundari and asks her to get over the well. Kusum Sundari fears to fall inside the well and shouts for help. Devanshi gets her down. She hands over the house keys to Nutan. She isolates Kusum Sundari so that no one comes to help her.

She punishes her for igniting fire in her Swayamvar. She asks Kusum Sundari how dare she try to kill her. She says I can send you to jail. Kusum Sundari gives justification. She says I did this to get Vardaan and you together, I thought if Vardaan saves you, you will like him, I wanted your life partner to be brave, all of those men whom you called for Swayamvar have run away like rats. Devanshi does not believe her. Vardaan argues with Devanshi for behaving bad with his mum. Devanshi asks him to beat her if he can. Vardaan and Devanshi have a romantic moment. Vardaan feels like Kalki is Devanshi. Devanshi does not love him anymore and gets angry on him.






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