Ricky and Jaggi plan a ghost drama in Saathiya

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Sameera gets shocked seeing Ricky’s ghost. Ricky is scaring Sameera as the ghost. He has applied makeup and shows his burnt face to Sameera. Sameera screams. Pinku comes to know the matter. Ricky switches off the lights and disappears. Sameera tells Pinku about Ricky’s ghost. She knows ghosts don’t exist in real life. Pinku gives her water. Pinku thinks Sameera has gone mad. Modi family see Sameera screaming and laugh. They have planned this with Ricky. Later on, the family mourns for Ricky. Sameera comes in Ricky’s soul peace puja. She wears a red dress, saying Ricky did not like white colour. Jaggi asks her to have some shame, how can she do this. Jaggi asks her not to create a scene and just leave.

Sameera acts to faint and gains people’s sympathy. Sameera sees Ricky again. She understands Ricky’s plan to scare her and confronts her. Karanis trying to win Meera. Dharam asks Karan to marry soon. Karan says I will marry when I get a girl like Meera. Meera and Vidya understand Karan’s intentions. Vidya makes water fall over Karan to make him remove his shirt. Meera knows Karan has made her name tattoo on his chest. They want to expose Karan’s truth to Dharam. To their surprise, they miss to find the tattoo on his body. Karan conceals the tattoo and gets saved from their plan.


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