Rudra and Bhavya’s special moments break in Dil Boley Oberoi


Gauri doubts on Buamaa’s intentions. Buamaa makes laddoo for Gauri, asking her to have it every day. She says I have made this for my Ratan. She gets angry on Gauri. Omkara asks her the matter. Buamaa asks him to explain Omkara that laddoos are healthy for Gauri. Omkara asks Buamaa not to force Gauri for anything. Buamaa asks Gauri not to get much glad, as Omkara worries for child, not her.

Rudra tells Bhavya that he has developed feelings for her, and his family likes her a lot. He gets tensed to confess his love. Bhavya learns Rudra’s feelings. They have a light moment. Rudra and Bhavya come closer. Buamaa sees the medicines fallen outside and doubts on Gauri. Omkara sees Gauri hurt and reaches to help her out. Bhavya wishes to explain Rudra, but gets speechless. They reach the place where the criminal called them. Rudra asks Bhavya to make a decision if she wants to come along with him. Bhavya gets emotional and hugs him. Bhavya hopes she gets her revenge fulfilled today. Rudra learns Bhavya’s truth.

Dadi pulls Omkara’s leg by getting some old love letters. She tells Gauri about Omkara’s past. Omkara gets embarrassed. Omkara starts valuing Gauri. He thinks of Gauri saving his life. Dadi finds Gauri the best match for Omkara. Gauri stops Buamaa from feeding anything to Omkara.


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