Sanjana’s twisty engagement in May I Come In Madam

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Sanjana has kundli dosh that she is Manglik. She gets under pressure that she has to marry a plant or a dog. She chooses to marry a plant. Sanju asks her not to worry, he will make the plant look good. He decorates the plant to make her like it. She is getting engaged to a plant. She is unhappy with her engagement. Everyone dances in the function. Sanju gets the plant and stands with Sanjana, to take the ring ceremony ahead. Everyone is happy for Sanjana.

Sanjana wants to get away from the kundli dosh. Chedi wants Sanjana to settle down soon. She gets annoyed and tells Chedi that she does not want to do this. Chedi asks him to value his feelings. She says I m doing this for your happiness, you are overdoing everything, you don’t care for my feelings. She removes the ring and leaves. Sanju does not want Sanjana to marry any guy. He is happy that a plant is chosen for her. Sanjana wants to get out of the problem.






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