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Neil and Avni does not have everything fine between them. The family celebrates Avni’s birthday in a musical way. Avni’s birthday celebrations were going on well. Neela became part of the party. She did not know Shweta planned to insult her. Shweta raises questions on Neela’s character. She asks him why did her marriage not work. Neela answers cleverly and tells how Diksha created the troubles in her marriage. Bebe asks Shweta to stop it and supports Avni. Neela gets emotionally hurt when Shweta asks bitter questions about her past. Neela manages the situation. Shweta passes taunts on Neela.

Veer catches everyone in Rangeela’s house. Rangeela asks Veer to leave the women and fight with him. Veer says women should be at home. Rangeela and Veer’s fight is going on. Rangeela gets beaten up by Veer. Rangeela manages to run away from Veer’s clutches. Rangeela will be getting Choudhary back.

Kunal and Meghna’s romance will be seen. They spend some time together. Kunal decorates the place to give her a surprise. Meghna thanks Kunal for always making her feel special. There was much tension happening at home. Kunal loves Meghna a lot. He wanted to do something sweet for Meghna. Meghna and Naina go through tough tasks in Haryali Teej. Naina does Tapasya to make Karan fine. Everyone thinks Karan will be recovering as Naina is honestly making efforts.


Saanjh supports Ayaan. Ayaan cries and his hands get shaken up. Saanjh does her duty like a son and holds the firetorch. They together light Vandana’s funeral pyre. Saanjh loved Vandana like her mum. Ayaan completely breaks down by losing Vandana. Saanjh’s dreams get burnt along with Vandana’s funeral.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Dipika returns to her inlaws. She makes her mind to do her wife’s duty. She explains Piyush that she will keep her marriage and she will win his heart some day. Dipika gets hopeful.


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