Meghna and Naina fulfill the Teej puja tasks in Swabhimaan


Its Meghna and Naina’s first Teej. Dada ji asks pandit to start the puja. Pandit praises both of his bahus who look like Mata Parvati. He asks the bahus to come forward and sit for rituals. An abshagun happens when the pot breaks. A lady says this pot is kept on head to pray for husband’s long life. Dada ji says it was all fine.

Nandkishore taunts Naina for this abshagun. He asks Naina to change the pot. Naina says I have taken the oath with this pot, and I will do the puja with this one. It gets challenging for Naina. He says Lord is giving the sign that Naina is not suitable to become Karan’s wife. Naina says shagun and abshagun are by our thinking, I will keep this broken pot as my shagun. Naina fixes the pot and ties it with the cloth. Kunal and Karan help out their wives. Naina and Meghna get successful to dance keeping 21 pots on their head, as part of the ritual. They all complete the puja. Sandhya has broken the pot to anger Nandkishore. Naina will achieve Karan’s health recovery and win the challenge.


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