Sita-Ricky succeed to trick Sameera in Saathiya

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Ricky scares Sameera as the ghost. She did not get scared by him before. He is scaring her every moment, getting in front of her whenever she is alone. Sameera screams seeing Ricky. Ricky wishes her anniversary. Sameera says no, this can’t happen, I have killed you. Ricky got the cake and flowers for Sameera to celebrate their three months anniversary. Jaggi, Sita and Urmila see the drama happening. They hide and record Sameera’s confession. Sita did not tell anyone that Ricky is alive. Everyone thinks Sahil is becoming Ricky’s ghost and troubling Sameera. They find Sahil sleeping in the room. Sita keeps this a secret.

Ricky runs from there on seeing Pinku. Pinku asks Sameera not to lose control, else it will be their loss. Pinku thinks Ricky is dead and Sameera is imagining things. Sia is helping Ricky. He can’t forgive Sameera for such a big crime. Jaggi records Sameera’s confession and shows this to everyone on the projector. Sita plays her last move. Sita asks Jaggi to give the proof to her and promises that Sameera will go to police station to take the case from Gopi and Kokila back. Sameera asks what are you saying. Sia says if you don’t do this, they will take proof to police station and get you arrested. She convinces Sameera to free Gopi and Kokila. Urmila says you have killed your husband, atleast get some good deeds by freeing Gopi and Kokila. Sameera agrees to take the complaint back.

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