Soumya gets firm about her identity acceptance in Shakti

Shakti: Harak Singh to realize Soumya's worth

Soumya misses Harman and sheds tears. She wants Harman to come and give her an identity. Harman did not agree. Soumya decides to stay with kinners. Soumya does not eat anything. She falls ill. The kinners ask her to have some food. Kareena thinks Soumya is acting. She asks what was the need to save Harman if you had to leave her, we will not leave her. Saaya says we can’t imagine love like Harman and Soumya. Soumya tells Saaya that she wants to stay with them. She learns playing dhol. Soumya’s Nani comes there to take Soumya. She meets Saaya and asks her to convince Soumya. Soumya sticks to her decision that she won’t go anywhere, she can alteast live free without anyone’s favors here.

Saaya asks Soumya does she want to give back to Harman. Soumya does not answer anything to Saaya. Saaya leaves. Soumya cries and thinks of Harman. Saaya asks Nani to leave, as Soumya has made her mind to stay with them now. Soumya gets hurt. The kinners give her ointment and do the aid. Soumya tries to adjust with them.


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