Chandrakanta’s alliance gets fixed


Maharaj Jai Singh announces Chandrakanta’s marriage with Kroor Singh, shocking her. Maharaj says very soon they will be tied in the marriage bond. Virendra tries reaching her, with the belief that none can separate Chandrakanta from him. Chandrakanta gets to know Virendra has come to take her and is waiting outside the palace. She fears he is not fine. She runs out of the palace while Nazim spots her. Kroor Singh stops Chandrakanta.

Chandrakanta learns a truth. Tej Singh tells him about Kroor Singh’s truth. He tells her about a tunnel in the palace. Chandrakanta wants to know where is Virendra. She knows Virendra will help her, once he comes. She is postponing things till Virendra comes. Tej Singh is helping her. Kroor Singh sends a gift for Chandrakanta. She gets angry and slaps Nazim, who is very loyal to Kroor Singh. Chandrakanta rejects all the gifts. She insults Kroor Singh and makes him leave. Virendra will battle the problems and reach Chandrakanta.


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