Aarti faces new troubles in Mere Angne Mein

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Shanti does not want to accept Aarti as Shivam’s wife. The family starts behaving like Aarti is some alien. They boycott Aarti as someone impure. Kaushalya, Preeti and Pari hate Aarti. Kaushalya does not want her divorcee son to marry any divorcee. He asks Shivam to leave Aarti, so that she can find any unmarried girl for him. Shivam gets fed up of Kaushalya’s unfulfilling dreams and leaves home. Shanti and Aarti too want Shivam to break the marriage. Aarti does not want to stay with the family. She still stays dedicated to her first husband Ajay. Aarti’s dilemma is understood by Raghav. He is the sole person supporting her in Shanti Sadan.

Shanti’s relative Chandra lands home. He is a Sanyasi Maharaj. He senses the ongoing tension in Shanti Sadan. He tells Shanti that Aarti is pure like Sita. He asks Kaushalya and Shanti to value Aarti and respect her. Chandra decides to make them understand Aarti, while his stay of 15 days completes in their house. Neighborhood women ask Shanti to enquire about Aarti’s first husband, the reason why Aarti was left by him. They all get suspicious about Aarti’s character. Shanti asks Aarti about her first husband’s address. Aarti does not tell anything, as she is just worried for Ajay’s name and respect in the society. Aarti hopes Shivam comes home and calls off their marriage to settle the problem. Preeti and Pari meet Amit and try to provoke him against Aarti, who has ruined his life as well. Amit gets in dilemma, believing Aarti is not such bad as they all feel.


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