Love triangle gets a tangled twist in Naamkarann

Avni in Naamkarann

Bebe targets Shweta’s past to shut her mouth in the party. Shweta who humiliated Neela, gets humiliated by Bebe. She faces Bebe’s anger. Shweta argues with Bebe and Prakash. Bebe asks Shweta to learn from Avni, how to be an ideal bahu. She thanks Avni for saving Maddy and Kareena. Shweta asks Bebe not to get Avni on head. Bebe finds Avni deserving of all praise. She asks Shweta to earn respect. Shweta drags the matter, spoiling the party. Neil and Bebe apologize to Neela for Shweta’s misbehavior. Neela takes a leave. Avni is hurt as Shweta insulted Neela so much. Ali asks Avni to leave Neil’s house. Avni tells Ali that she is staying in Neil’s house just for Bebe. Ali asks her if Neil loves her. Avni does not want to leave Neil in tough time. Ali asks her if she loves Neil. Avni does not answer him. Prakash apologizes to Avni on Shweta’s behalf.

Neela asks Neil to decide if he will wait for Avni’s confession or take an initiative. Aman feels guilty. He hates Dayavanti. He holds himself responsible for everything. He takes a step to commit suicide. He calls up Avni after drinking the poison. Avni, Neil and Riya take Aman to the hospital. Riya feels sorry to speak badly with Aman.

Nanno realizes Ali is in love with Avni. Ali shares her pain as Avni is going away from him. She feels Avni is just acting to keep marriage. Ali tells her that Avni is falling in love with Neil. She knows Ali loves her. Ali always had hope that Avni will come back. Nanno understands Ali’s love for Avni is true. She asks him not to leave hope. Ali gets informed about Aman’s state. Neil consoles Avni by his support. Neil thinks Avni loves Ali and gets distanced, while Ali is super angry realizing Avni has love for Neil in her eyes. Avni is in dilemma if Neil loves her or is just being helpful. Their love triangle gets complicated.


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