Ricky and Sita to unite, marking Saathiya’s closure


Jaggi gets Gopi home. Gopi’s return brings happiness in the family. Ricky calls Gopi as Maa. Gopi asks everyone did they hear what Ricky called her. She was longing for her son. She hugs Ricky. She thanks the Lord for uniting her with her son. Ricky then does puja prayers. He has turned into an ideal son. He keeps all the traditions of the Modi family. Ricky asks everyone if he can chant the Gayatri mantra, if he does any mistake, Kokila can correct him. Ricky chants the mantra. Gopi gives him prasad. Ricky says I understood today, what’s the real taste of mother’s handmade sweets. He touches Gopi’s feet and thanks her for always understanding him. Kokila always had belief that Ricky will change by the family love.

Ricky hugs Gopi. He says now your tears will end, just happiness will come in your life. Ricky has changed completed. Everyone gets happy. Ricky apologizes to everyone for all the troubles they faced because of him. He apologizes to Sita for hurting her so much. He has done much bad with her, even then Sita has saved his life. Sita turns away to avoid Ricky. Ricky values her true love now. Sita thinks Ricky loves Sia, not Sita. Ricky tells Sita that he knows she is Sia and loves her the way she is. Ricky will be winning Sita’s love. All gets well for Modis.



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