Chakor earns Imli’s forgiveness in Udaan

Udaan Chakor get suspicious about Imli's return

Chakor learns Suraj is troubling her for his enjoyment. She realizes Suraj has already forgiven her. Chakor thinks to teach him a lesson. She knows Suraj will follow her when she meets Ajay. She sees Suraj and acts lovey dovey with Ajay, angering Suraj. Suraj confronts Chakor for her over friendly behavior with Ajay. Chakor makes him jealous saying she wants to move on with Ajay. She asks Suraj to part ways, as they are no more a loving couple. She tells him that she is done with apologizing to him, and thinks Ajay is a better person than him. She does this to get Suraj on knees and make him apologize for troubling her. Suraj gets upset with Chakor.

Chakor sees Imli staying annoyed. She stops Imli on the way and takes her to the temple. She apologizes to Imli. Imli is angry as Chakor left her in tough times. Chakor wants to convince her. The sister’s love will be seen. Chakor sheds tears and asks Imli to forgive her. She tells Imli that she has forgiven her when the situation was similar before. Chakor says situation makes a person helpless to think wrong, I m feeling guilty to doubt on you and Suraj, my heart was not agreeing to believe Suraj’s wrong statements, it was tough to me to get away from you. Chakor goes on her knees and asks Imli to forgive her. Imli too sheds tears. Imli’s heart melts. Chakor hugs Imli. Chakor and Imli have forgotten all the misunderstandings. Imli forgives Chakor, Kasturi and Bhuvan.


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