Kartik learns Suwarna’s secret in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai


Dadi observes Naksh and Kirti’s bond. She finds Kirti happy with Naksh. Naksh and Kirti succeed in their work together. Dadi thinks of talking to Singhanias about Naksh and Kirti’s relation. Naksh takes Dadi’s blessings. Dadi gets impressed with Naksh, and showers him with blessings. Naksh thinks what happened to Dadi. Dadi considers Naksh and Kirti’s alliance. Surekha gives her positive opinion about the alliance.

Naira gets Manish’s call, informing her about Kartik’s bad mood. Naira goes to end Kartik’s annoyance. She apologizes to him. Kartik asks her to stop it now. Manish is in board meeting. Naira gets Kartik in the conference room, unknown about everyone’s presence. Naira and Kartik get embarrassed seeing the office staff. Manish gives a break to everyone. Kartik asks Naira is she happy after doing this. Naira sings an old song to get his forgiveness. Kartik finally forgives her.

Kartik gets to know Suwarna is sending money to her family secretly. He asks Naira why is she cheating family and sending money on the name of charity. Naira asks him to leave it. Kartik checks her personal account. He gets miffed by Suwarna’s lies. Naira asks him why is he bothered if Suwarna is sending money to anyone. She asks him not to get into this matter. Suwarna takes some money for charity. Manish asks Suwarna to answer Kartik and Naira’s questions, why does she send money to someone on a regular basis. Kartik asks Manish to stop the drama as if he does not know anything about it. Manish gets annoyed with Suwarna. He asks Suwarna to answer all of them. Kartik gets into an argument with Manish. Dadi asks Kartik not to spoil relations because of money.


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