Mukhi and Aru’s love story begins in Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage

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Aru gets kidnapped by someone. Mukhi comes there to save her. Mukhi and Aru fall in huge problem. They get caught in the fire. Mukhi asks Aru to leave. Aru says I can’t go without you, I don’t want to live without you. Aru confesses her love to Mukhi, fearing to lose him. Mukhi saves Aru from the fire. They have a moment. Mukhi learns Aru’s feelings.

Mukhi and Aru get a pot of water and wash their faces. Aru pours water on his burnt wound. Aru does the aid to his hand. She ties her dupatta to his wound. Aru feels sad that Mukhi always risks his life and gets hurt because of her. Mukhi thinks to cheer her up. He throws water on Aru. Aru has hope that Mukhi will confess his love. Aru waits for him. Mukhi comes to meet her on the terrace. Mukhi makes the things fall. Aru’s dad asks who is there. Mukhi gets tensed and runs away. Mukhi and Aru hide and meet as lovers.






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