Riya to deceive Avni-Neil in Naamkarann


Avni prays for Amol’s life. Avni challenges the Lord to make her brother fine. Neil sees Avni hurting herself. Doctors manage to save Amol. Amol tells Avni what all he faced after Dayavanti’s truth got exposed. He does not wish to live. He apologizes to Avni. He feels undeserving to live. He re-attempts to kill himself. Neil stops Amol and asks him to value Avni and her love. Amol feels sorry. Avni asks Amol to live his life well. Neil tells Avni that he will take Amol and Riya home, till Neela comes back to the city. Avni thanks Riya for his timely help. Ali gets angry on seeing them together. Ali apologizes to Avni. Neil sees Avni with Ali, and thinks of Ali’s love. Avni wants to do her duty towards Neil.

Neil does not want to involve Avni in Amol’s matter. Riya tells Neil about Ali, who is very possessive about Avni. Neil gets Amol and Riya home. Shweta gets angry on his social work. Riya starts plotting against Avni by taking Shweta’s help. Bebe gets to hear Shweta and Riya’s conversation. Riya sees Bebe and instigates her against Avni. Bebe goes to see Neil and Avni, if they are a normal married couple. Neil and Avni get into an argument, being jealous over the friendly relations with Ali and Mitali. Riya plans to marry Neil, by breaking his relation with Avni. She tries bringing Neil-Avni’s marriage truth in front of Bebe.


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