Sameera to play a deadly game with Modis in Saathiya

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After Ricky changed and brought happiness in the Modi family, there comes an unexpected twist. Sameera makes a shocking entry back with evil intentions in her mind. She wants to answer Ricky and Gopi for the insult. Sameera calls goons there, who tie all the Modi family members. Sameera plays a death game. She makes them sit on the chairs. Sameera and Pinku play chess game. Sameera lays the chess and gets Modi family as the players. Sameera asks Gopi to win the game, else anyone’s life can go. She ties a bomb to them. She asks Gopi to play the game wisely and all her family members are connected to a single death string.

Ricky, Jaggi and Kokila get a shock seeing Sameera’s madness. Kokila scolds Gopi for risking their lives. Jaggi asks Gopi did she wish to lose and get all of them killed. Ricky and Urmila too blame Gopi, as part of their plan. They all start the drama and scold Gopi, while Sameera and Pinku’s attention gets diverted. Jaggi slowly opens the ropes and catches Sameera and Pinku. Ricky frees all the family members. Sameera and Pinku run away from the house. Jaggi calls police and complains about Sameera to get her arrested.

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Meanwhile, Bhavani kidnaps Meera, Vidya and Shravan. She asks Dharam to save all of them if he can, now he has just two ways, either save them or accept her forever. She keeps a condition of marriage. Dharam slaps her. Dharam goes ahead and gets an electric shock. Dharam proceeds and defuses the bomb to save Meera and Vidya. Dharam fails Bhavani’s plan.






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