Star Plus’ Mini Spoilers

Star Plus TellyReviews Top 2 Upcomings

Neil finds Avni close to Ali. He does not know about her mangalsutra getting stuck, and Ali helping her out. Neil gets in much tension. He gets a wrong thought. He is annoyed with Avni. Neil injures his hand in anger. He gets flashes of seeing Avni and Ali together. Neil is mistaken that Avni loves Ali. He knows Ali loves her and thinks their love is mutual. DD sees Neil’s bleeding hand and asks him the matter. Neil asks DD to check the case file. DD asks Neil does he really doubt on Avni and Ali. He says you solve big cases, but you could not understand your wife. Neil asks DD to call Avni. DD calls Avni and says Neil will be coming late today. DD asks Neil not to treat Avni like a criminal. Neil asks DD to leave out of his house.


Shivay and Anika get into an argument again. Anika collides with him. Her phone falls off her hand and breaks. They don’t know what their heart wants. They have no idea what is happening. Ragini does drama to fall down the stairs. Shivay runs to help Ragini. He holds her and takes her to room. Anika says my phone got sacrificed for no use, Ragini is fooling Shivay, I have to make him realize this.


After Ricky changed and brought happiness in the Modi family, there comes an unexpected twist. Sameera makes a shocking entry back with evil intentions in her mind. She wants to answer Ricky and Gopi for the insult. Sameera calls goons there, who tie all the Modi family members. Sameera plays a death game. She makes them sit on the chairs. Sameera and Pinku play chess game. Sameera lays the chess and gets Modi family as the players. Sameera asks Gopi to win the game, else anyone’s life can go. She ties a bomb to them. She asks Gopi to play the game wisely and all her family members are connected to a single death string.


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