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Naina has finally come back to Karan. She sees Karan sleeping and takes care of him. She stares at Karan and sits by his side. Naina’s selfless love is inspiring Karan. Karan wakes up and looks for Naina. Karan has fallen in love with Naina. He appreciates her efforts. Naina says some things are known always. She asks him to have medicines on time. She is helping him recover from his allergy.


Chakor learns Suraj is troubling her for his enjoyment. She realizes Suraj has already forgiven her. Chakor thinks to teach him a lesson. She knows Suraj will follow her when she meets Ajay. She sees Suraj and acts lovey dovey with Ajay, angering Suraj. Suraj confronts Chakor for her over friendly behavior with Ajay. Chakor makes him jealous saying she wants to move on with Ajay. She asks Suraj to part ways, as they are no more a loving couple. She tells him that she is done with apologizing to him, and thinks Ajay is a better person than him. She does this to get Suraj on knees and make him apologize for troubling her. Suraj gets upset with Chakor.


Harman does a puja to unite with Soumya soon. He does not find any other way to get Soumya. Harman asks Lord to help him. He does a havan in front of Soumya’s house. Harman makes many efforts to fix the tent and arrange the havan puja. Some people ask him why is he doing puja in front of kinner’s house. Harman does not care for them, and carries on the puja. Soumya does not get affected by Harman’s efforts. She leaves with the kinners. Harman sees Soumya going. Soumya will go missing again. Harman will be finding her as always.

Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage:
Aru gets kidnapped by someone. Mukhi comes there to save her. Mukhi and Aru fall in huge problem. They get caught in the fire. Mukhi asks Aru to leave. Aru says I can’t go without you, I don’t want to live without you. Aru confesses her love to Mukhi, fearing to lose him. Mukhi saves Aru from the fire. They have a moment. Mukhi learns Aru’s feelings.

Dhhai Kilo Prem:
Piyush’s dad scolds him for over eating. He asks Piyush does he have no sense to have food from outside, when Dipika gave him tiffin. He scolds him and how could his weight get high. Dipika pulls Piyush’s leg. Piyush says I do not know anything. He blames Dipika. Dipika says sometimes weight increases by junk food. Piyush gets angry and tells his dad that he will not have any outside food till he loses weight. His dad asks everyone not to give food to Piyush for the entire day. Piyush gets annoyed with Dipika.


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