Adi and Aaliya’s relation to suffer in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Mrs. Bhalla insults Shagun at the launch. Shagun holds Ishita responsible for all this. She ends ties with Ishita. Ishita witnesses everything silently. Ishita wanted to make things fine. Shagun and Mani get disappointed and leave. Raman feels Mrs. Bhalla ruined his launch. He does not care what Shagun does. He asks her how could she insult Shagun anywhere. Ishita asks elders why did they insult Shagun publicly, its an insult of Raman’s product too. Raman scolds Mrs. Bhalla for ruining his hardwork. She does not realize her mistake. Ishita worries for the relations suffering.

Adi gets angry seeing Nikhil’s messages for Aaliya. Aaliya gets roses for Adi. She asks him why did he throw Nikhil’s gift. He tells her that Nikhil made fun of him by posting his allergy pictures of social media. She defends Nikhil. He asks Aaliya why is she supporting Nikhil. Aaliya ends his misunderstanding, and says I have uploaded the photos by mistake. She deletes the photos. Adi scolds her for her big mistake. He asks Aaliya to go to Nikhil if she loves him. Aaliya and Adi get into a heated argument. Adi asks her to leave from his life, and slaps her. Aaliya gets too hurt. She goes missing.

Mihika tries to manage the situation. She tells everyone about the brave lady who saved the girls. She also repairs Shagun’s image in the media. She tells everyone that both Shagun and NGO lady should be awarded for their work. Ishita feels Shagun will not come back. Kiran manages to convince Shagun and get her. Raman thanks Kiran for saving the day. Raman gets relieved when the launch goes smooth.


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