Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka:
Sameer has married Sanjana. He gets shocked seeing Anjali in Sanjana’s place. Anjali congratulates him for his first marriage. He says same to you my wife. They have a laugh. They have team up and make plans to add something in Sanjana’s food. Sameer promises Mata ji that he will always keep Sanjana happy. Sameer tricks Sanjana and feeds her the food. Sameer asks Sanjana to take some rest, the day was hectic. He makes Sanjana sleep. Anjali asks Sanjana to get happy in dreams, as her life will be like hell, she will not get any happiness in life. Sameer’s motive is something big. He does not care for Anjali or Sanjana. Sameer’s feelings for Sanjana will turn true in coming track.

Dil Se Dil Tak:


Teni confesses her love to Parth, while she does the act of Mastani in the Bajirao theme party. Parth and Shorvori become Bajirao and Kashi. Parth tells Mastani Teni that she has to fight for her love, society will be against her and he can’t give her first wife status. Teni accepts all his conditions. Teni forgets her character and hugs Parth. She tells him that she loves him a lot. Shorvori gets a shock hearing this.


Chakor and Bhaiya ji get against each other again. Chakor says you got Tejaswini back and also won the villagers’ trust, I know you don’t do anything without a plan, what are you thinking. Bhaiya ji says you don’t have status that I answer you, even then I will tell you, else you will try to influence Suraj and Tejaswini. There is tension between them. Bhaiya ji is using his family members. Chakor plays cards with him and makes him lose. He says I m happy that she is not part of this family. He is happy that Suraj and Chakor are divorced now. Chakor tells him that Suraj loves her and she can come to haveli anytime she wants.

Karan and Naina’s feelings get known to each other. Naina cooks food. Karan comes there finding Naina and gets mesmerized seeing her. She asks him what happened, is there anything on her face that he is staring. She says you are seeing everything beautiful these days. He asks her not to pull his leg. She says I like when anyone dear praises me, I like your style. Karan understands her hint. She asks him did he get what he was finding in kitchen. Karan helps her in cooking. Khyati comes and breaks their moment. She asks them to focus on cooking and hurry up, else the food can get burnt. Naina gets blushing. Love is knocking the heart doors of Karan. Karan feels happiness by Naina’s presence.


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