‘Heyy Babyy’ track to peak up fun in Ishqbaaz


Everyone gets a MMS. They see the video of Ragini and Shivay’s intimate moment. Ragini has edited the video to frame Shivay. Shivay also checks the video and turns raging in anger. Anika gets to see the video and shows her belief in Shivay. He does not know its Ragini’s plan. Ragini puts the blame on her boyfriend Siddharth. She acts like she is getting defamed. Ragini cries to get sympathy by everyone. Omkara and Rudra do not fall in her trap, and get keen to send her away asap. Anika doubts on Ragini, and questions her. Ragini says Shivay and I will solve this problem. Anika taunts that Shivay does not have waste time to help her. Shivay asks Anika not to talk between them. Shivay believes Ragini. He gets angry and goes away. Anika thinks to catch Ragini red handed and expose her truth in front of Shivay.

A baby’s entry will be happening in Ishqbaaz. Someone will be leaving the baby outside Oberoi mansion. Heyy Babyy’s track will be seen. Shivay, Omkara and Rudra will be taking care of the baby. The track will be very funny. Along with this, Soumya will make a comeback in Rudra’s life.


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