Naira to realize Kirti’s feelings in Yeh Rishta…


Kartik does not want to know whom Suwarna sends money. He tells Naira that even when he said he is not interested in knowing anything, Manish was insisting him to hear the clarification. Naira pacifies Kartik.

Kirti takes care of Lav and Kush. Kirti tells them that she enjoyed a lot while playing carom with Naksh and Gayu. She tells them her feeling about Naksh. She says Naksh is very sweet and supporting. Naira comes to see Lav and Kush. She hears Kirti praising Naksh. Kirti gets tensed seeing Naira. She thinks Naira has heard her. She feels guilty and acts to do some work. Naira goes to Dadi and sees her troubled by headache. Naira massages Dadi’s head and comforts her. Naira becomes an all rounder and takes care of everyone.

Naira fixes smileys in the entire room, so that Kartik smiles seeing that and forgets his fight with Manish. Kartik sees smileys all around on the mirror, cupboard, perfume bottle, comb and every possible thing he would use to get ready for office. He finds a smiley even on his watch. Naira gives him a kiss and asks him to smile. Kartik forgets his annoyance. Naira’s creativity and sweet gesture convinces him.


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