Shivam’s absence to trouble Aarti in Mere Angne Mein

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Someone drops the oil box on the ground. Aarti passes by and slips. Chandra holds her. Chandra believes Aarti is a nice girl, and helps her. Shanti sees them in strange situation and slaps Aarti. She says you left the baby in cradle and romancing here, you are really a bad character woman. Chandra asks Shanti how can she say this, it means she is pointing at him too, knowing he is a Sanyasi. He says Aarti was falling down by the oily floor, I have just saved her.

Shanti starts the drama. She hits herself with the slippers and says I have doubted on Chandra, its all my mistake, I have slapped a Devi like bahu. She pinches Aarti’s hands and acts good. She apologizes in front of Chandra. Shanti does not want Chandra to call Tau ji, else it will be big trouble for her. Aarti calls Raghav and asks him to get medicines for baby. Shanti gets angry and takes the phone. She asks Aarti why did she tell Raghav, when they are already at home to help. She asks Raghav not to worry, she will manage. She asks Aarti to feed pomegranate juice to baby for stomach pain relief. She taunts Aarti for acting to be baby’s mum. Aarti thinks the baby can make her relations fine with Shanti. Shivam does not return home. Aarti wishes Shivam comes home and relieves her of the unwanted marriage. Chandra will be taking a stand for Aarti.


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