Virendra to break Kroor Singh’s magical trap in Chandrakanta

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Chandrakanta and Virendra meet in the garden, hiding from everyone. Chandrakanta and Virendra have a romantic moment. Virendra does not want her to leave so soon. They have met after a long time. They are very happy to spend time together. They start having nok jhok. Virendra asks Chandrakanta where will she find such a guy like Kroor Singh. He teases her about Kroor Singh. He says Kroor Singh and you have a good chemistry, he has great hair, he has charm, attitude and style. She gets annoyed with him and says fine, I will go to Kroor Singh. Virendra stops her and shows her a locket. She gets emotional and tells him that this locket is of her dad.

Virendra confesses love to Chandrakanta. They have a talk and think how to deal with the problems. He says I will go to Maharaj and find out what’s happening, then I will come back and you can’t make any excuses to get away. Virendra understands her worries. He decides to go to the black mountain to get the herbs to cure Jai Singh. Virendra will be ruining Kroor Singh’s plans by getting the special herbs to break the hypnotism.






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