Waaris – Bajwas’ plan to strike Simran

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Jagan gets a huge shock seeing Simran alive. He asks Amba how did she hide this big thing from everyone till now. He asks panchayat to punish Amba for her second big lie. Mannu says Amba has lied to save Simran’s life from Bajwas. Jagan says enough of Amba’s lies now. He asks Mannu to go to her inlaws and stop interfering in his house matters. He is fed up seeing Amba and her daughters’ drama. Mannu cries and wants to help Amba. Amba shouts to Mannu to help her.

Jagan drags them out of the house. He does not want to keep Simran and Amba home. Harjeet and Mohini arrive there and play a new game. Mohini tells Amba that Simran is alive, but she is still Bajwas’ bahu, she has to stay with us. Mohini snatched Simran from Amba. She praises Raj for his idea. Harjeet feels proud of Raj. Mannu gets disheartened knowing Raj has played this trick to separate mentally imbalanced Simran from Amba. Mohini takes Simran home to torture her. Rohan takes a stand for Simran. Mannu and Raj do not want to forgive each other for this big shocking truth.

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