Advay throws a challenge for Chandni in Iss Pyaar Ko 3


Advay recalls his bitter memories with Chandni, while she cherishes the moments with him. She waits to get some answer from Dev. Chandni lights a chinese lantern and leaves in the sky. Advay gets angry seeing that. Advay plans to enter Indrani’s house. Chandni spends some time with her sisters.

Advay calls Veer, who identifies his voice. He reminds Advay about their meet. Advay orders sweets from his store. Advay does not get interested in his talk. Indrani wants the treasure at any cost. She tries to limit her enemy from destructing her. Indrani has framed Advay’s parents by swapping the real gold with fake one. Veer comes to deliver the sweets at Advay’s place. Advay challenges Chandni again. Chandni holds courage while facing him. Advay tries getting close to Chandni. Indrani keeps an eye on him. Advay flirts with Chandni, making her tense. Indrani thinks the jeweler is the blackmailer, as he knows the secret. She threatens him about revealing anything. Chandni gets puzzled by Advay’s taunts. Indrani hopes Chandni opens the treasure door. Advay does not want her family to get treasure. Indrani feels shattered on failing to get the treasure, while Chandni assures she will open the doors of the treasure room by chanting the mantras.


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