Neil to doubt on Avni-Ali’s relation in Naamkarann


Avni gets unwell. She calls Neil to get help. Riya does not let Neil go to Avni. She intoxicates Neil and stops him. Someone clicks Riya and Neil’s pictures. Riya wants to show Bebe that Neil loves her. Ali reaches Avni to be with her. Avni gets dizzy. Ali makes her rest. Her mangalsutra gets stuck in his shirt. Ali tries to free it. Her mangalsutra breaks and falls down. Avni and Ali are seen in an odd situation. Neil and his family come home, and get super shocked seeing them. Neil feels bad and doubts on Avni.

Riya and Shweta have planned all this to call Ali home in Neil’s absence. They add something in Avni’s food and make her sick. Avni gets vomits and gets fainting. Bebe thinks Avni is pregnant and congratulates Neil. Neil gets in dilemma. Avni clears to Neil that Bebe is thinking wrong, there is nothing like that. Avni does not know what’s happening to her. Avni loves Neil. Neil too loves her, but they are not able to say anything to each other. Neil feels weird seeing Ali and Avni’s friendship.


Shweta asks Ali what’s happening here. Ali says Avni is ill, I just came to see her. Shweta says Avni would have called us for help, but she called her lover. Ali says you are doubting on us, instead of seeing her state, I m just supporting her. Neil does not support Avni this time.

Ali tries to explain them, but Shweta does not listen. Ali says Neil should have supported Avni, but he left her. Neil’s heart broke. Riya makes Neil against Avni. Shweta asks Bebe to ask Avni what is she doing with Ali. Ali gets angry and argues with them. No one believes Avni. Avni cries by hearing the dirty blames. Bebe gets tension and faints. Shweta keeps Avni away from Bebe. She asks Avni whose child is it. Avni is not in any state to answer them. Ali gets a shocked knowing about Avni’s pregnancy. Shweta tries to defame Avni. Avni fears to lose Bebe’s love and Neil’s trust. Bebe gets bit fine and asks Shweta not to talk between husband and wife. Bebe takes Avni’s side.


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