Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon 3: Advay versus Chandni


Shakun, Indrani and Kajal talk about Advay’s motives. Indrani’s doubt gets diverted when the jeweler comes home. She finds out that the jeweler is not the blackmailer they are finding. Advay holds Chandni close in front of everyone, and then makes an excuse of saving Chandni and doing a big favor on her. Chandni gets a challenge by Advay. Advay knows her parents lost their lives because of the temple treasure. Chandni’s family got greedy for the treasure and framed Advay’s family in the jewelry theft.

Advay does not want Chandni’s family to reap benefits. He understands Chandni is the ray of hope for her family, and tries to break Chandni down. He tells Chandni that he will not let Vashisht family get that treasure under any circumstances. Advay spoils the things to stop the rituals. Indrani says everything got ruined, now the treasure doors will never open. This was a second and last chance for Indrani. Pandit predicts the doors have got shut forever, after Mahant’s family failed to open it twice. Chandni tells Indrani that there is still hope, doors will open by mantras. Indrani does not hope that Yash will chant Mantras and open the door, as Yash has lost his memory. Chandni will be using her smartness and helping her family out. Will Chandni’s belief win or Advay’s ego? Keep reading.


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