Virendra to break Kroor Singh’s spell in Chandrakanta

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Kroor Singh plans an attack on Maharaj and makes his Ayyar take Virendra’s disguise. Virendra makes a plan and asks Chandrakanta to get ready in bridal dress, as he would take her for marriage. Chandrakanta pretends to be ready for marrying Kroor Singh. They both plan and fail Kroor Singh’s plan. Kroor Singh’s truth comes out. Maharaj Jai Singh gets out of hypnotism. Virendra has broken the spell.

Maharaj hugs Chandrakanta and apologizes to her for his mistake. He asks why would I fix my daughter’s marriage with Kroor Singh, what’s this nonsense. Virendra says you have decided this and we all came here as your guest, you did not wish this, but Kroor Singh made you drink a magical herb, by which you became his puppet. Maharaj learns the entire truth. Maharani tells Maharaj that Virendra has risked his life to get the antidote from the black mountain, to get Maharaj back to senses. She is very thankful to Virendra to help Maharaj. Kroor Singh’s evil gets known. Maharaj gets angry on Kroor Singh for playing such a wicked game. Kroor Singh cheated Maharaj and Chandrakanta. He has cheated the kingdom as well. Maharaj punishes Kroor Singh.






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