Colors’ Mini Spoilers

Colors Mini Spoilers Highlights for the Day

Sasural Simar Ka: Sameer fills Sanjana’s maang again. Anjali gets angry seeing this. The family members clean the house. Anjali commands them and asks them to finish all work before breakfast, else they won’t get any food. Sanjana comes late, and Simar does Sanjana’s work. Anjali dislikes this and asks Sanjana to wake up at 5am. Sanjana asks Sameer to fill sindoor in her maang. Sameer asks her what’s this new drama. Anjali says Sameer will not fill sindoor, get lost. Sanjana is standing against Anjali. She will get powerful and answer Anjali. Sanjana and Anjali’s rivalry will be seen. Sanjana trusts her love and friendship.

Suraj and Vivaan get their wives to the restaurant to spend some good time together. They come to have lunch. They all look happy and take selfies. Suraj and Vivaan get into an argument, and hold each other’s collar. They fight about Imli. Suraj defends Imli, which does not go well with Vivaan.

Harman meets Soumya. Soumya avoids him. She stays in Harman’s memories. She does not want to agree to him. Harman asks Soumya to think how will he live without her. He asks her not to be adamant. He requests her to come along. Soumya refuses to go with him. She wants him to accept her with her identity. She asks him to leave. Harman does not listen to her and takes her along. Kinners have united them. Kinner blesses Harman and Soumya. Kinner says our responsibility got over, you both stay happy now, Kinners are happy that Soumya is going back in her married life. Soumya feels like losing her identity to get Harman. She does not know what to do, but she can’t refuse to Harman either.


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