Jaggi gets Sameera arrested in Saathiya

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Sameera and Pinku’s drama came to an end. The show is going to bid bye to the viewers. There is full on drama in Modi house. Jaggi punishes Bhavani and Sameera. They try to hide from Jaggi. Jaggi asks Sameera to come out. Bhavani gets freed by his trap, but Sameera and Pinku get caught. Jaggi shows the knife to Sameera and scares her. Sameera asks Pinku to run away. Jaggi threatens to kill her.

Bhavani tries to run away, but gets caught by Dharam. Dharam scolds Bhavani for losing all the respect by her bad deeds. Police is called by the family. Jaggi pulls their leg and troubles them. Jaggi and Dharam make them dance a lot. They are angry on Bhavani for making such plans. Police comes and arrests Bhavani, Sameera and Pinku. Sameera apologizes to them. Gopi and Kokila thank the Lord for giving them a happy family. They have won all relations. Kokila says this house has all our memories, every wall has many moments. They all have a happy union and celebrate together in Ricky and Sita’s marriage.

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