Naren to marry Pooja in Piyaa Albela


Naren fills Pooja’s maang without a second thought. Pooja scolds Naren for doing this without thinking anything. She says Surbhi is waiting for you in mandap, you have cheated her by doing this. Naren has filled Pooja’s maang to save her from society taunts. Pooja does not support Naren. She worries for Surbhi and says you did a big mistake. Naren asks her would I see your life getting ruined, I m responsible for all this, I could not keep quiet when people were blaming you, I m Surbhi’s culprit, she can punish me anything she wants. Pooja says no punishment can relieve Surbhi of her pains and sorrows, and I also don’t want to live this way with a guilt to snatch someone’s love. She argues with Naren.

Pooja did not think the marriage day will be such shocking. She does not want to snatch anyone’s rights. Naren has taken this big step to save his friend from humiliation. Pooja tells him that she does not accept this marriage. She asks her uncle not to send her to Naren’s house. Her uncle and aunt believe that Pooja is married to Naren now and she should go with him. Pooja says I can’t meet Supriya’s eyes. She requests her uncle to support her. On the other hand, Surbhi cries waiting in mandap for Naren. Surbhi’s parents create a big scene when Naren left from the mandap to help out Pooja. Supriya prays for Naren’s return. Naren calls her and tells her that he has married Pooja. Supriya does not know how to react, what to tell everyone, about Naren’s marriage or Surbhi’s sorrow. Surbhi learns about Naren and Pooja’s marriage. Naren will not leave Pooja. Naren’s brother Mayank will be marrying Surbhi. Pooja will be accepted as Naren’s wife by his family.


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