Neela attempts to get Avni-Neil together in Naamkarann


Avni is in dilemma. She does not want to stay away from Neil. She has Neil in her heart. She gets worried seeing Neil and her divorce papers. Avni cries, not realizing her feelings. Neil’s memories shakes her thinking. Avni was thinking everything got over if she gives divorce to Neil. She feels like something is getting away from her, which matters to her the most. She fears to get away from Neil. She thinks if she is in love with Neil. She thinks to tear the papers.

Prakash calls her and asks her to prepare for Shweta and his anniversary. He asks her to arrange a good celebration. Avni forgets to tear the papers. Avni promises him that she will make this anniversary celebrations memorable. Neela hears this and thinks to do something to bring Avni back in Neil’s life. She acts to get fainting. Avni scolds Neela for taking care of herself, and cooking food for Neil. She asks Neela to cook more things for Neil, and then get fainting. Neela asks Avni to take the tiffin for Neil. She convinces Avni to go to Neil, else her efforts will go waste. Neela wants to make Neil and Avni’s terms better.


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